Apt Strategy 


APT STRATEGY CONSULTING helps clients raise their productivity and effectiveness by providing specialist professional services when needed.

The benefits of outsourcing were recognised as far back as 1871 by economist David Ricardo who discussed the "Law of Comparative Advantage" in terms of trade between countries. He said that so long as two parties had different relative efficiencies, they could both benefit from trade. Ricardo's logic is still valid and remains the fundamental reason for international trade today.

The Law of Comparative Advantage also applies to businesses, organizations and individuals. We can all benefit by doing what we do best and seeking help from others when we encounter a task for which we are not well-suited.

Analysis requires time, relevant expertise, and independent thought.


Let's face it, you can't improve productivity by doing the same things over and over - you need to make changes.

Unfortunately, there is little time to explore alternatives and implement changes. Consequently, things often continue to be done as they have been done and productivity remains constant.

Also, some opportunities to raise productivity are beyond the scope of any manager's individual capacity. Consequently, they are rarely well addressed. For instance, it has been estimated that bullying costs the Australian economy around $20 billion per year.

  • This equates to a cost of around $250,000 per 100 full time employees.
  • It represents a huge opportunity for organizations to improve productivity.
  • The size of this opportunity reflects the difficulty of dealing with the issues.

APT STRATEGY CONSULTING brings to the table an independent perspective, a rich skill set and a pragmatic approach to raising productivity. We can assist in such matters as conflict resolution, speech writing, policy and procedure documentation, collection/analysis of data, strategic planning, problem handling, risk management, business modelling and managing corporate culture.

Independent assessment and expert opinions


The opinions of "experts" are not all equal. This is especially true in financial planning matters where:

  • there is often no clear consensus and opinions can be very subjective; and
  • the requirements of the Corporations Act in respect of financial planning have not been well defined by the courts due to the fact that most financial planning disputes go before the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Consequently, there is considerable scope for identifying flaws of logic and other weaknesses in the arguments put forward by others.

APT STRATEGY CONSULTING has deep experience in financial planning and can help you by providing you with expert opinion and by identifying the weaknesses in the expert opinions of others.

Mediation can achieve a low cost alternative dispute resolution


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is a negotiation process in which a third party - the mediator - intervenes between the parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Mediation is most suitable when the disputing parties have reached an impasse in negotiations, but neither wants to take the matter to court.

The benefits of mediation over litigation typically include:

  • faster resolution of the dispute
  • less expense
  • greater confidentiality
  • more control

APT STRATEGY CONSULTING offers independent mediation to overcome the impasse in negotiations and avoid the need to go to court. We are based in Adelaide specialize in mediation of workplace, commercial and civil disputes.