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Website notes

by Paul Gerrard


W3 HTML Validator

  • Even if the site appears to be working well it may still have errors. I do not know the impact of such errors, but perhaps they slow things down or cause problems with some browsers in any event it makes sense to correct errors.
  • W3 HTML Validator is a freebie online tool to check HTML for errors.
  • W3 CSS Validator is a freebie online tool to check CSS for errors.


Screen simulator (Quirktools.com)

  • Quirktools scresnfly is a freebie online tool to simulate rendering of websites on various screen sizes.


Link rel

  • Authorship


Meta tags



Profile page
A personal profile page which lists skills and gives other people the opportunity to endorse skills and for this endorsement to be visible publicly thus giving credibility.
(Linkedin personal profile page)
Mediators in Adelaide
A group page "Mediators in Adelaide" which facilitates discussion among members. The formation of this group is intended to help one another keep in touch and to share ideas, problems, questions, etc. Members can alos endorse one anothers skills.
(Access via Linkedin personal profile page)
Select "Interests" from the navigation bar at the top of the page and then select "Groups" from the drop-down list.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Freebie software that can be downloade and used to ...


SEO Site Check Up


Google Page Speed


Pingdom Website Speed Test

  • Pingdom - a freebie online application that let's you enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks


GT Metrix

  • GT Metrix - a freebie online application that let's you enter a URL and analyze performance.


Google - Page insights

  • Google - page insights - a freebie online application that let's you enter a URL and google gives suggestions on how to improve it.


cPanel - Enable compression

  • Within cPanel, under the heading of "Software and Services" there is an icon labelled "Optimize website" and this gives the option to compress files.




301 Redirect

  • SEO Site Check Up identified that there was a www version of the website and a non-www version. I don't know why, but Coffee Cup FTP created both and this made it difficult for search engines to determine which to go to. The ideal solution is to redirect search engines to the preferred version. This can be done via what is known as "301 redirect" which can be done using a .htaccess file. However, I had no success with .htaccess. An easy alternative was within cPanel. On the Home page of cPanel there is a section labelled "Domains" there is a an icon labelled "Redirects". Using this option I redirected each non-www page to the relevant www page and I redirected both http://aptstrategy.com.au and http://www.aptstrategy.com.au to http://wwww.aptstrategy.com.au/index.htm.



Cache and Site
Google does not update its records immediately. Often it will take a week or two before it gets around to crawling a website or webpage. You can check out when a page was last crawled and saved in Google's cache by opening a browser and entering into the URL section of a browser the word "cache:" followed by the URL of the page as shown below.
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/index.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/about.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/services.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/people.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/contact.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/adelaide.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/mediation.htm
  • cache:www.aptstrategy.com.au/article_1.htm

Also, typing "site:" followed by the domain name will list all the pages that have been cached by Google.

  • site:www.aptstrategy.com.au
  • site:www.resonancetechnolgy.ca
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